Interlock Licenses

If you were arrested for a DWI in New Mexico, your license will be suspended in one of two ways: Administrative and judicial. An administrative suspension is only temporary so long as you request a hearing to challenge the suspension and the judge rules in your favor. A judicial suspension occurs after the DWI hearing and if the state convicts you of driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Depending on how many prior convictions you have, your license will remain suspended for a period of between one and three years, or for life if you have four or more previous DWI convictions. You cannot qualify for any other type of license during the suspension period except for an ignition interlock license.

What Is an Interlock License?

An interlock license is a special type of license that enables you to drive so long as you drive in the vehicle with the ignition interlock device. An IID is a device that requires you to blow into a breath testing device before allowing you to start your vehicle. If the interlock detects alcohol on your breath, the engine will not start. As you drive, the device will periodically request another breath test, just to ensure you did not cheat the system in any way.

If an officer stops you and discovers that you’re driving a vehicle without the requisite IID, he or she is required to arrest you and charge you with driving on a revoked license. Such a violation is likely a violation of your probation, which may mean jail time and other serious consequences.

How Can You Get Your Interlock License?

Before you can get an interlock license, you must first attain an ignition interlock device. You will have to go through a state-approved agency and, after installation, sign and have notarized an Affidavit for Ignition Interlock License. Take the affidavit to your local New Mexico State MVD field office, along with identification, proof of insurance and proof of the IID installation. The MVD charges $113 for the license. The IID itself will cost you between $2.50 and $3.50 per day. To maintain your driving privileges, you must complete the None for the Road DWI Awareness Program.

The Alternative to an IID

The costs of an ignition interlock device can really add up. In addition to having to pay between $75 and $105 a month for the device and $113 for the license, you will also have to pay an installation fee, which is typically $100. All those fees are in addition to the standard fines that come with a DWI conviction. Fortunately, there’s an alternative to the costly consequences of a conviction, and that’s no conviction at all. Simon A. Kubiak of Simon A. Kubiak, Attorneys At Law, PC was voted as Avvo’s choice DWI lawyer in 2017 and is rated as the top three Best DUI Lawyers in Albuquerque for two years running. If you avoid the costly and inconvenient penalties of a DUI conviction, he’s your guy. Contact our Albuquerque criminal defense firm today to explore your options (505) 998-6600.

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