DWI Fines

If you’re convicted of DWI in New Mexico, there are a wide range of possible punishments you will face. This includes fines, which become more expensive the more DWI offenses you have. Once everything is said and done, a single DWI can cost your thousands of dollars, which is sure to have a negative impact on your financial outlook. 

Fines Get More Expensive with Every Offense

Much like other DWI penalties, fines increase based on how many previous offenses you have:

  • First Offense – Drivers convicted of a first DWI offense will face a fine of up to $500.
  • Second Offense – While the maximum fine is $1,000, the mandatory fine for second offenses is $500.
  • Third Offense – The mandatory fine for third offenses total $750, with a maximum possible fine of $1,000.
  • Fourth through Seventh Offenses – $5,000 is the total maximum fine you can receive for a fourth, fifth, sixth, or seventh offense.
  • Eighth and Subsequent Offenses – You could possibly be fined up to $10,000 if you have eight or more DWI offenses.

Other Fees and Costs Associated with DWI

DWIs are costly in a multitude of ways, and not just when it comes to the fines assessed against you. You’ll be obligated to undergo a substance abuse screening to determine if you need further treatment. Both the fees associated with the screening and the subsequent treatment are your responsibility. You’ll also be tasked with paying for an ignition interlock device, both for the installation and any maintenance required.

Then there are the collateral costs of DWI. If your license is revoked and you’re unable to make it to and from work, you could lose your job. You may also find it difficult to secure new employment, as some employers may pass over those with a criminal record.

What to Do When You’re Charged with a DWI

Having an experienced attorney by your side during your DWI case is a must, no matter what you’re up against. Our dedicated legal team at Simon A. Kubiak, Attorneys at Law, PC uses smart, effective legal strategies to get charges against our clients reduced when possible. We believe all people deserve a reliable defense, and we’re proud to provide professional legal assistance to those in need.

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