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Being charged with DWI, or driving while intoxicated, is an intimidating experience. You’ll probably have many questions after your arrest, including whether your case warrants professional legal assistance.

Every DWI case is unique, and the stakes are high for those convicted. In addition to facing jail time and fines, your license may also be revoked for a year or more depending on the circumstances surrounding your case. While you can handle legal issues related to DWI on your own, securing the help of a skilled and experienced attorney offers the following benefits.

An Understanding of Complex DWI Laws

A silver sports carEven if your DWI case seems relatively straightforward, the laws rarely as clear-cut. Additionally, there’s a lot of misinformation surrounding DWIs, which might lead you to make poor decisions that negatively impact the outcome of your case.

Working with a lawyer well-versed in New Mexico DWI laws ensures you have a clear understanding of the charges against you. A good attorney will make complex legal topics palatable to clients, while also providing guidance based on previous cases so you can make informed decisions. 

Identification of Improper Conduct and Violations of the Law

You might have felt like there were problems with your arrest or the way you were treated by law enforcement. If so, there’s a chance that your rights were violated during the process, which can have a significant impact on the charges against you.

Problems with breath testing, or conducting roadside field sobriety tests, must be brought to the attention of the court. An attorney will be able to pinpoint inconsistences or errors made by law enforcement and provide compelling evidence of these oversights to the judge and jury. 

Reduction of the Charges Against You

Even if your arrest was conducted according to the law, that doesn’t you should forgo the assistance of an attorney. It may be possible to have the charges against your reduced, which will also reduce the penalties you’re facing.

Preventing lengthy jail sentences and exorbitant fines makes it much easier for you to get your life back on track after your arrest. Your attorney may also be able to negotiate a decreased license revocation period, which prevents employment issues in the event you need your vehicle to commute to and from work.

Skilled Legal Guidance Makes All the Difference

When charged with DWI, selecting the right attorney is just as important as choosing to be professionally represented. Simon A. Kubiak, Attorneys at Law, PC has helped numerous clients throughout Albuquerque face DWI charges with confidence. We provide aggressive defenses to ensure your best interests are a priority during the case.

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