DUI Conviction

If you are arrested for and convicted of driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol in New Mexico, you face a number of administrative consequences. However, the severity of those consequences ultimately depends on the type of DUI of which you were convicted: Misdemeanor or felony. An aggressive DUI defense attorney in Albuquerque, NM, can help fight to have the charges against you either dropped or reduced, thereby ensuring minimal repercussions.

Sentencing for a Misdemeanor DUI Conviction

First, second and third DUI convictions in New Mexico are misdemeanor offenses. A first non-aggravated offense does not come with mandatory jail time but may result in up to 90 days in jail. A second a third conviction with minimums of 96 hours and 30 days in jail. All offenses may result in fines, license suspension and other administrative penalties. New Mexico law now requires all DUI offenders to install ignition interlock devices on their vehicles for a period of one to three years.

Sentencing for a Felony DUI Conviction

For every time a person receives a DUI conviction in New Mexico, the level of the crime and associated penalties increase. Fourth and fifth DUI convictions are felony offenses and therefore carry harsher consequences. A fourth conviction comes with six to 18 months in jail and up to $5,000 in fines. A fifth conviction may result in a one- to two-year prison term and up to $5,000 in fines. Both a fourth and fifth conviction result in lifetime license suspension.

The Personal and Professional Consequences of a DUI Conviction

A criminal conviction, regardless of whether it’s a misdemeanor or felony, can have long-term consequences on various aspects of your life. From employment limitations to difficulty finding decent housing to relationship issues, certain effects of a DUI conviction never go away.

Your Defense to DUI Charges

If you were arrested and stand trial for driving under the influence, a DUI defense lawyer in Albuquerque can fight to minimize the immediate and long-term consequences of a conviction. From the initial investigation to final negotiations or closing arguments in court, Simon A. Kubiak, Attorneys at Law, PC, will remain your staunch advocates throughout all phases of your case. For the experienced and unrelenting representation your case deserves, contact our office today.

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