Commercial DWI Loss of Privileges

If you are convicted of driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol in New Mexico, you lose your driving privileges for a set period of time. However, New Mexico has recently started to allow defendants install an ignition interlock device on their vehicles in exchange for restored driving privileges. Unfortunately, as a commercial driver, you do not have that option.

Commercial License Revocation Periods Following DWI

A commercial DWI charge in New Mexico may occur when, if at the time of a traffic stop, the driver of a commercial vehicle has a BAC of .04% of greater. This threshold is half that of those set for drivers of standard vehicles. Not only are the standards stricter for commercial drivers but also, the consequences are costlier as well.

In addition to being subject to the standard penalties of a DUI conviction, which include jail time, fines, probation, DWI classes, IID and community service, you, as a commercial driver, face losing your commercial drivers’ license. But for how long?

  • A first offense may result in a CDL revocation of one year.
  • A second offense may result in lifetime revocation of your CDL.
  • A first offense in which you were hauling dangerous or hazardous materials may result in a three-year revocation.

The state will initially revoke your license for 10 days, a period it refers to as an administrative revocation. During this 10-day period, you have the opportunity to contest the charges and reinstate your license. If you fail to request a hearing, or if the judge convicts you of a DWI during the hearing, the aforementioned penalties will go into effect.

Staunch Advocate in Your Commercial DWI Case

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