Commercial License DWI Charges

As a state with one of the highest rates of DWI in the nation, New Mexico takes a strict stance against drunk driving. Throw a large commercial vehicle into the mix with a possibly hazardous load, and it is unlikely that a commercial driver will walk away from a DUI charge with his or her commercial license intact and without repercussions. At least, that may be the case for DWI defendants who attempt to fight the charges on their own.

Retain a Top-Rated Commercial DWI Defense Lawyer in Albuquerque

A DWI charge is not a conviction, which the lawyers at Simon A. Kubiak, Attorneys At Law, PC have proven time and time again. You can walk away from a DUI arrest with nothing more than a good scare and a solid reminder to abide by the law in the future when you retain aggressive and experienced legal counsel. Simon A. Kubiak has spent his entire legal career handling criminal defense cases and, since moving his practice to Albuquerque, New Mexico in 2004, has focused almost exclusively on DWI and domestic violence. Simon has been recognized multiple years as one of the three Best DUI Lawyers in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and maintains a Superb Avvo rating. His allocates are testament to the fact that his defense strategies work.

Don’t Try To Beat the Charges On Your Own

Regardless of your history as a commercial driver and how clean your driving record is, there is little chance a judge will look favorably on your case just because you ask him or her to. The best chance you have of walking away from commercial DWI charges without losing your commercial license, going to jail and paying fines is by retaining the help of a qualified attorney who is familiar with the law, legal system and viable defenses. Below are just a few DWI defenses that work:

  • Improper stop by police
  • Failure to follow proper protocol during arrest or while administering the BAC test
  • Medical conditions
  • Improper testing and storage of breath and blood samples
  • Improper interrogation
  • Violation of rules of evidence and procedures
  • Inappropriate interaction with the defendant

Our Albuquerque DWI defense firm will investigate the circumstances surrounding your arrest and advise you of the best defense options. For the support and guidance, you need throughout your case, contact Simon A. Kubiak, Attorneys At Law, PC today.

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